Questions About Cremation

Can cremated remains be buried in an existing family grave or crypt?

Yes, providing the person who holds the rights to the grave or crypt gives permission (or their immediate heirs). There may or may not be room for an additional name on the grave marker; occasionally people order a new marker to add an additional name.

Why don't you allow scattering?

The Catholic Church does not believe in scattering or in any way separating the remains. The cremated remains represent the sacred body. They should be kept together in a worthy container and buried or entombed in consecrated space.

I was baptized a Catholic but haven't practiced my faith in decades. Am I still welcome to use the Catholic Cemeteries?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you haven't practiced your faith in years, you will always be welcome.

Can I personalize a cremation niche?

A glass-fronted cremation niche is like a small display case, and families may add their own photos or decorations. Families are advised against placing items of particular sentimental or monetary value inside the niche. A marble or granite front niche will have an inscription on the face using a standard format.

Grieving cemetery statue

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