Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Diocese of Hamilton

Holy Cross Catholic CemeteryFamily Stories

There was a time when Linda Kutyla would look the other way when passing by a cemetery. “I never liked them. Death used to be scary.” But her perspective changed after she and her husband Rick lost their daughter, Stefani, in 2002, just a few months before her fourth birthday.

Stefani died suddenly of a virus that attacked her heart. While much of that time was a blur to Linda, she was very clear that Stefani would be buried in a Catholic cemetery. As Brantford residents, Linda and Rick knew St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery was nearing capacity, so Stefani was laid to rest at Holy Cross on Governor’s Road.

“Stefani couldn’t have a first communion or confirmation, so it was important to me that she’s in sacred ground. It’s peace of mind for me.”

Linda and Rick, who purchased plots for themselves on either side of Stefani, visit Holy Cross often. “My view of cemeteries has totally changed. We find it peaceful and welcoming and we actually enjoy visiting her there and it’s all because of (cemeterian) Bill Templeton. He truly cares about those of us who are still grieving our loss as well as our loved ones that we have left in his care. He makes us feel like family.”

— Linda Kutyla, Brantford