Our Lady Immaculate Mausoleum, Diocese of Hamilton

Our Lady Immaculate MausoleumFamily Stories

Lidia Marcone had made it known that she wanted the mausoleum at Marymount Catholic Cemetery to be her final resting place.

When she passed away in May 2010, her grieving family went a few steps further and purchased a family crypt with room for her husband, Domenico, son Massimo and daughter Eliana. “Things are settled now and it takes the burden off everyone else,” says Massimo. “We have the reassurance that we’ll be together.

“I go see my mom every single day. For me it’s important that her resting place be home-like. I like the way it’s furnished—the carpeting and lighting and heating—and it’s a secure building. It’s just a beautiful environment where I can grab a comfortable chair; I can sit there and talk to her and pray for her.”

Massimo describes the mausoleum and Marymount cemetery as sacred ground.

“For me, it’s faith first, we must be in a place that is consecrated for the burial or entombment of the Catholic community. There are Masses held there three or four times a year and I can sit by my mother and watch it on the big screen, and it’s like we’re attending Mass together.”

— Massimo Marcone, Guelph