Our Lady of the Angels Mausoleum, Diocese of Hamilton

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Amanda Viger was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15, a battle that came to an end two years later. Along the way she inspired peers and adults alike with her determination to live fully and continue doing for others even as her own health failed.

“She walked a difficult journey but with so much love, strength and courage – she was always full of life and vigour,” says Amanda’s mother, Patricia.

Taking their cue from Amanda’s attitude, Patricia and her husband, Bruce, tried to stay positive and gave no thought to burial arrangements. “When you’re facing cancer, you focus on hope and strength. It hadn’t even crossed our minds to pick out her place of rest.”

When Amanda passed away peacefully in March 2008, the Vigers were told by a social worker at the hospital about Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Cemetery.

“My parents are at Holy Sepulchre, but Our Lady of the Angels is a short drive from our home. We picked out a mausoleum crypt, which is a family tradition, and we arranged for two more, on either side of her, for ourselves – together forever as a family.

“We feel the most inner peace at Our Lady of the Angels, praying for our precious daughter, Amanda,” Patricia says. “We also planted a memorial tree, which inspires us each time we look out from the window of her resting place.”

— Patricia Viger, Stoney Creek