Marymount Catholic Cemetery, Diocese of Hamilton

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Retired Catholic school principal Ted Laxton and his wife, Terri, decided to make their burial arrangements in advance to remove a future burden from their children. “We've gone through it with my wife’s parents, who died in their 50s and had no arrangements made. We didn’t want our children to be in that situation,” Ted says.

“As part of my religious tradition and heritage, I wanted to be buried in a Catholic cemetery. The idea that I would be in sacred ground, within our community of faith, resonates with my deepest sense of religiosity and spirituality. But the second consideration was my wife, and how welcome she would be.”

That question was answered by a visit with cemeterian Dominic Tersigni, who assured the Laxtons that all family members of Catholics are welcome, regardless of their own faith tradition.

Ted and Terri selected a single lot that will hold one casket and one cremation urn. They also pre-purchased the grave liner, headstone, cremation urn and memorial bench.

“I'm very much an outdoor person and I loved the idea of being near the marsh with the birds and wildlife, right next to the Grand River Conservation Authority wetlands,” Ted says. “We thought, when we come to visit each other, the bench would be a peaceful place to sit.” A memorial tree with a plaque dedicated to their family was also purchased by the Laxtons.

“I've always valued Marymount. Although we’re from Toronto originally, Guelph is our home now and we want to be buried here.”

— Ted Laxton, Guelph