Holy Souls Mausoleum, Diocese of Hamilton

Holy Souls MausoleumGetting to Know Holy Souls Mausoleum

Built in 1979, Holy Souls was the first mausoleum in the Diocese of Hamilton (other than private family mausoleums that exist in some Catholic cemeteries).

Located in the historic Holy Sepulchre Cemetery on Plains Road, Holy Souls no longer has crypt space available. There are some niches available for cremated remains.

A note about price: The Catholic Cemeteries provides all-inclusive pricing for its mausoleum space. We believe this is the most fair and straightforward approach so that families know up-front what the total costs are. Our family counselors can explain more about our pricing philosophy to you.

If you’d like to see Holy Souls mausoleum, please contact our main office at 905-522-7727 or

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