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The Catholic Cemeteries can help you make your burial arrangements in advance. This is known as pre-arranging.

Our approach is pressure-free, because our staff members do not work on commission and have no vested interest in your decisions.

You can pre-arrange, and pay for, your ground lot, cremation niche or crypt, and also a monument or marker. Cremation can also be pre-arranged and paid for.

Price List

Download the price list for our services.

Planning a Catholic Funeral

Download this helpful guide from The Catholic Cemeteries.

The top five reasons for pre-arranging:

  1. You decide exactly what you want, and paying in advance ensures your wishes will be met.
  2. Your family won't have to make major decisions during an already difficult time.
  3. Your family won't have an immediate financial burden at the time of death.
  4. You have a greater chance of getting the lot, crypt or niche you want. Since so many people pre-plan these days, the specific location you have in mind may not be available if not purchased now.
  5. Today's price is locked in no matter how many years in advance the purchase is made.

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